We should expect a spiritual awakening to break out among young people

I’ve never been more convinced that we are going to see a fresh wave of the Holy Spirit’s power to hit this country— and I’m looking for it to erupt in our high schools and on our college campuses. It will take a miracle – since God is not exactly welcome in these secular environments. But when one fire starts blazing, others will catch. I fully expect to see America’s college students praying, fasting, preaching and worshiping so radically that something akin to the Jesus movement of the 1970s happens again. The music of this next movement will grab the world’s attention. The testimonies of transformed lives will end up on the mainstream news. Social media will provide the platform to spread this campus revival quickly.

God is saying: “I will call a new generation to serve Me, and they will boldly proclaim My gospel—even in the strongholds of secularism. I will have radical followers even in the Ivy League schools.”